Child-Centric CaseTaking in Homeopathy with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

In this series, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan will be teaching his homeopathic approach of child-centric case taking over a series of months to demonstrate all the steps in the case taking process for children.

The outline for these sessions include the following:

Introduction to Child-centric Holistic Homeopathic healing 

VERBAL CHILD: Child-centric Case taking a module (child from 2-16) 

NON-VERBAL CHILD: (below 2 and Special/uniquely able children) 

IMAGINARY AGE: (up to seven-year) 

THE TEENAGE Child-centric Case 

ACUTE and Deep pathology in children Case witnessing in difficult conditions and situations 


Dates of Sessions Scheduled: April 19th, June 7th, July 26th, September 13th, November 8th, December 13th at 10 AM EST

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